Meg 2: The Trench 2023

Ben Wheatley, known for his boundary-pushing creativity in films like “Kill List” and “In the Earth,” disappoints with “Meg 2: The Trench.” In this lackluster sequel, Wheatley’s talents are notably absent. The film is dull and unengaging, a giant shark movie that inexplicably shifts focus to an evil underwater drilling operation until the final half-hour.

Jason Statham, usually a charismatic action hero, seems disinterested as Jonas, a deep-sea diver investigating the Megalodon. The film lacks the fun and excitement of Wheatley’s previous work, leaving viewers unsatisfied.

As the plot takes Jonas and his crew into the ocean trench, they discover more giant sharks and an evil human operation mining the trench for resources. The film only gains some life when they reach Fun Island, but it’s too little, too late.

“The Trench” fails to capture Wheatley’s dark humor and horror finesse, offering little in terms of stakes or excitement. Wheatley’s inability to infuse creativity into a conventional structure results in a forgettable film that falls short of expectations. Visit moviesjoy to forĀ  more!

Meg 2: The Trench | August 4, 2023 (United States) Summary: A research team encounters multiple threats while exploring the depths of the ocean, including a malevolent mining operation.
Countries: United States, ChinaLanguages: English

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