Once Upon a Studio 2023

“Disney’s 100th Anniversary Reunion: Once Upon a Studio” is a magical homage to Disney’s century-long legacy in animation. This highly anticipated Disney+ debut, directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy, and produced by Yvett Merino and Bradford Simonsen, promises to encapsulate the true spirit of Disney’s storytelling magic.

This remarkable event features an impressive gathering of 543 iconic Disney characters from over 85 films, including cherished classics like Mickey Mouse and timeless villains like Maleficent. What makes it truly special is the seamless blend of intricate hand-drawn artistry and state-of-the-art CGI technology, harmonizing Disney’s storied past with a visionary future.

Beyond its visual splendor, Once Upon a Studio cherishes Disney’s timeless themes of love, friendship, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. This reunion is a heartfelt tribute to Disney’s rich legacy, inviting audiences to partake in a century of wondrous storytelling, artistic brilliance, and technological innovation. Mark your calendar for the enchanting premiere on October 16, 2023. Visit moviesjoy for more!

Once Upon a Studio | October 16, 2023 (United States) Summary: An all-star ensemble of Disney Animation characters come together for a group photo celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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